Megan holds her BAA Honours in animation.

She enjoys storyboarding and concept art, and animates primarily using ToonBoom.

She graduated from Sheridan College in 2011

For animation concept work and character sheets, check out the Gallery

Once Upon a Winter Wood

Megan's thesis film has been screened in festivals all over Canada and Europe. It was selected by Dreamwork Animation as one of the best student films of 2011.​​

Beauty and The Beast: Credits

Animated ending credits for Megan's ongoing web serial, Beauty and The Beast

Spooky Spencerville (rough)

An animated intro sequence created as part of a weekend animation challenge.

Oddysea Leica Reel

feature-style storyboards for an animated sequence

Once Upon a Winter Wood (leica)

Leica reel ​​

Once Upon a Winter Wood (rough)

Rough animation​​

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